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24V 4A 100W switching power supply XK-2412DC

(Reverse Engineered Schematics)

Schematic of switching power supply XK-2412DC (XK-2412-24) in 24V 4A 100W version. There is also a 12V 8A version. The input voltage is probably 100-240V (or 220-240V) 50-60Hz. The control chip is CR6841S. The switching transistor (MOSFET) is FQPF20N60C (600V 20A). The secondary rectifier is a 200V 20A Schottky diode B20200G. The voltage reference is 431 (TL431) and the opto-coupler is EL817 (like PC817). The design looks good, it has interference filters and precise regulation. The overload protection trips at 5.3A. The indicator LED was soldered in reverse (!) in the one I have. The screws in the heatsinks are bit too short, but by and large it seems well made.

The PCB board - THT side.

The PCB board - THT side.

The PCB board - SMD side.

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