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5W 14MHz (20m) AM Transmitter

     This is a simple audio transmitter for the 14MHz (20m) band. Its principle is seen from the diagram, so I will describe very briefly: The first stage is a simplified oscillator, the other three stages are amplifiers. The coils are wound on the 4mm diameter core with screw ferrite core to fine tune to the highest brightness of the light bulb. As a modulation choke, a secondary of small transformers (eg 220V/9V) is used. The tuning capacitor is also tuned for the highest brightness of the bulb. Then you can replace the bulb by a short. When you connect other antennas However, it is necessary to re-tune the output. Never operate without antenna!! Current consumption of the transmitter from the 12V supply during the normal operation of about 800mA. The coils have 30, 25 and 12 turns.

     Warning! Operating this transmitter without permission is illegal.

5W 14MHz (20m) AM Transmitter schematic

Note for lamas:
I do not response the questions about what is the range of this short wave transmitter.

Added: 2002