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4 command IR remote control

This device is intended to transmit up to 4 independent commands to a distance up to 50m. Pressing buttons 1, 2, 3 or 4 on the transmitter turns the corresponding output of the receiver to logic 1. After the button is released, the output returns to logic 0.
Beside the facts described above, the device is identical with this one, and so i will omit the detailed description. The only difference is that this command remote control does not have ON-OFF toggle outputs. It can be used for example to add the remote control to the button-controlled devices that did not have one or as a remote control for toys (eg. car models), and so on.

     Warning! If the device switches mains voltage or other hazardous voltages, it should be treated accordingly. When bad construction the receiver may have dangerous voltages in all its parts. All you're doing, you do at your own risk and your own responsibility.

The remote control program for free download:
Transmitter source code in assembler (ASM)
Receiver source code in assembler (ASM)
Compiled Transmitter HEX file (206 Bytes)
Compiled Receiver HEX file (216 Bytes)
How to write the program into the AVR is described here.

I can send you the programmed microcontrollers. For more info click here.

Fig. 1 - Schematic of the the 4 command IR remote control with ATtiny13(A)(V).

Transmitter configuration and security bits setting.

Receiver configuration and security bits setting.

Video - testing the 4 command IR remote control

Added: 14. 2. 2013