Ceska verze

FAQ - Frequently asked questions:

     "Web site content is good, but the graphics! When would you remake it??"
Thank you for your praise. I won't do anything with graphic - I like it the way it is. Its such from the beginning. I don't want this site to lose between the sea of sites that are trying to impress visitors by graphics, but do not contain anything.

     "I wonder about the tacky design of your devices. Heap of wires on the table! Paper boxes! And your PCB's?"
Most equipment on this site I built, documented, photographed and then disassembled. They were not intended for long-term use, but only to test the idea and verify the theory. PCB's are experimental - when I started to solder, I did not know how the circuit would look like. For me, the key is to prove that it works, and bring proven schematics (and descriptions that no one reads). How many things have you invented yourself?

    "All instructions and diagrams on the site are yours?"

     "What editor program do you use to edit this site? I guess Front Page!"
You guess wrong. I use Notepad or jEdit.

    "Can I copy something from you to my own website ?"
You can, if you meet two requirements: 1) If you add a bit of your own work (photos of things that you have created using my instructions, and/or describe your own knowledges, you earned, or alterations in the circuit). 2) And cite me as the source (use a link to me on your website) danyk.cz with a specific URL. Note: When you copy full article "as is" and not add anything yours to it, you are not doing it for people, but only for your own popularity (and ads revenues). Sure you know when you are trying to find something in google, and you find exactly the same articles in dozens of different sites. Isn't that annoying?

    "I'm going to steal your articles, what would you do to me? :P"
You are playing with fire. Do you know anything about copyright? Many people have copy-pasted my articles, but theie websites didn't last long :).

    " Are you interested in free energy? "
No, i'm not interested in sci-fi.

    " Why are some articles display in Czech language? "
Because they are not translated into English yet.