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Switched 4kV 2000W supply with IGBT

    Half Bridge with powerful IGBT transistors is suitable for many different experiments or as a basis for different devices. You can build eg switching high voltage power supply for a large Tesla coil, Big Jacob's Ladder, an electronic supply for halogen lamps, power induction heating, VLF transmitter, SSTC driver, the source for laser and much more using this halfbridfe.
    In my halfbridge IGBT transistors are IRG4PC50W that are rated for a maximum continuous current of 27A and 220A peak and 600V. This supply is working at about 20 - 25kHz. (Due to surface phenomena, switching losses and dispersion performance vn frequency transformers would not be too high, not to mention of radiation and capacitive currents). Driver transistors is similar to the source induction heating.
    By connecting two high voltage pulse transformers to the supply I got a very powerful high voltage source. Transformers are wound on ferrite cores EE without air gaps with dimensions of 12x19mm center pillar (from the old TV). The primary windings have 28turns RF cable diameter of 1.5 mm and secondary are wound using wire: 0.3 mm and have 400 turns. To make output voltage soft (for experiments with arcs, Tesla coil after adding multiplier ...) an inductor is connected in series. It has 30 turns 2 mm diameter wire on ferrite core EE 8x10mm, the air gap regulates the output current. In my case there is a gap of about 10 mm. Number of turns can be slightly reduced, if you do not need current control almost from zero. Transistors are obviously mounted on the heat sink.
    My Half Bridge is built into the box from the ATX. Fan also comes from this smps. The heat sink is not too big, so I left the original fan and added it to the small supply of 14.5 V, which also supplies the driver. This supply is not in the schematic, but perhaps everyone can build his own or use a ready one.

    Caution! Complete circuit including the driver and its output is electrically connected to the mains. Output voltage 4kV is fatal to humans! When drawing arcs, toxic gases are created. Arcs makes a very bright light with ultraviolet components, which may damage eyesight. Electrodes can heat up to the temperature more than 1000 °C and possibly even melt. Risk of fire or burns. Everything you do and only at your own risk. Author does not take any responsibility for any harm of health, life or property.

Shortproof switching high voltage power supply 4kV~ 2000W with IGBT's - the schematic

Vertical arc between screws, 7cm long.

again :-)

horizontal arc.


heated screws.

inside box.

transformers and inductor.

IGBT transistors, 10A bridge, six fast diodes

Video - arcs

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