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About me

     I am Dan from Czech republic. I was born in Prague in 1987. I spent most of my life in Mělník, little bit in Sydney and now I live ... in a secret place :). One of my best hobbies is electrotechnics, which I am interested in since 1993. For this reason I founded this website in 2002. I keep adding new things ever since.

me me me

Me in 1996 and 2016 Almost no change :)

My optimistic drawings from childhood This is how it looks like when I do something else. Trying to make some art.

Very old crations As a little boy I was playing with computer graphic, HTML, JavaScript, camera and so on.

My high school (graduated 2006) Website of my former school class.

My 1st workroom (1993 - 2004) - part 1

My 1st workroom (1993 - 2004) - part 2

My 2nd workroom (2004 - 2015) My second workroom, photographed in 2004.

My 3rd workroom (2015 - ...) Moving to my third workroom in 2015