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Kirlian photography

     Kirlian photography phenomenon was first noticed in 1891 by Nikola Tesla. Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian, after which it is named, discovered it again by accident in 1939. Kirlian photography has long been regarded as something paranormal, a kind of aura display or internal energy. It is, however, a hornet of electricity around the conductive object.
     You can make some Kirlian photography of conductive objects yourself too. All it takes only glass plate with a layer of salt water and a source of high-frequency high voltage of about 10 - 25kV. Glass of salt water is placed on a metal object. This object together with salt water forms electrodes for connecting high voltage. The high frequency high voltage supply consists of black and white television HV transformer with any driver. In my case, it produces voltage cca 20kV with a frequency of 20kHz.

     WARNING !!! The output voltage of the high voltage transformer is dangerous! The experiment can produce ozone or other toxic gases. Everything you do on your own risk.

Kirlian photography of coins.





metal plate

It does not belong here: arc into the water.

metal plate - detail.

Once more.

Video - metal plate Kirlian photography.