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Electric shock device 1998

     This is a popular device giving electric shocks. You will experience a lots of fun with this box :). I have built this device in 1998 and it still operates today. The circuit uses the popular IC 555 as an oscillator and a small PNP transistor as a switch. Potentiometer is used to adjust the output current. Small power transformers is used to increase the voltage. LED indicates the operation.

     Warning! The device can cause electric shock. The device is not suitable for people with increased sensitivity to electric current! You are building and using the device on your own risk. I do not take any responsibility for any of your harm.

Electric shock device 1998 circuit schematic.

My electric shock device.


Here you can download the PCB board layout, Pattern for printer and Eagle files. I thank to Jirka for making the PCB pattern for my device.