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1.5W 88-108Mhz FM Transmitter

     This transmitter is designed to transmit sound (music, speech, ...) at frequencies 88-108MHz with a frequency modulation (FM). Its RF power is about 1.5 W. The first transistor is used as an RF oscillator. Varicap allows the oscillator frequency shifting and thus its frequency modulation and frequency tuning via potentiometer. Varicap may not be the BB105, it can be BB409, BB109G, KB109G or other type. The second transistor is the power output stage. The output signal goes through a filter to remove harmonics and then it enters antenna, eg dipole or Yagi antenna (it has better directivity). Power transistor is on the heatsink with min. 100 cm2 area. Coils are air, wire diameter of 0.6 mm wound on 5 mm.

     Warning! Operating this transmitter without permission is illegal.

1.5W 88-108Mhz FM power Transmitter schematic (note: "z" means number of turns)

Added: 2002