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6 MOTs two phase HV supply

    The purpose of this high current high voltage power supply is nothing more meaningful than drawing huge arcs :). This high voltage power supply contains 6 MOTs (transformers from microwave ovens) connected to two triads. In each triad MOTs are connected both primary and secondary in parallel. Theese two trios are then attached in series and supplied from the two phase voltage 400V~. The current is in the primary damped by two modified ballasts for 150W sodium lamps (made by TESLA). They are modified by removing the "U" part of the iron core, leaving only "T" part. After adjusting the choke has about 35-36mH. Their wire has a diameter of about 1 mm. On the output side they are connected to resonating capacitors from microwave ovens, each has approximately the 1uF 2100V~ with a total of 16 pieces. Reason to connect capacitor is again prosaic: With them, you can get longer high voltage arc :). MOTs 12 + 13 + 14 in one stack and 5 + 10 + 11 in the second stack were used from my table of MOTs. Supply is not designed for continuous operation. Video was filmed in 2 steps - in the meantime it was necessary to let the ballasts and MOTs cool down. Output voltage is about 4000V~. This high voltage power draws the current approx 40A from 400V. The 16A circuit breaker in class B does not trip. When I tried to increase the number of capacitors from 16pcs to 18pcs, the circuit breaker trips immediatelly.

    Warning! The output voltage of a transformer from a microwave oven is around 50Hz 2100V AC and current ranges in the order of amperes. Using more MOTs can achieve even higher voltages and currents. The output high voltage is lethal and can to bridge large distances. The shock may therefore occur without direct contact with conductive parts. Capacitors can remain charged even after turn off. When working with this equipment there is a risk of fire. Arcs produce poisonous gases. Everything you do at your own risk. Author accepts no responsibility for any harm to your health, life, property or other.

Schematic diagram of High Voltage supply with 6 MOTs and 16 capacitors supplied from 400Vac.

MOTs used in this High Voltage supply.

3 MOTs in transporter (1. trio)

All 6 MOTs in two containers.

MOTs with capacitors. With 18 capacitors it keeps tripping the circuit breaker, so I worked only with 16 of them.

Modified ballasts for 150W high pressure sodium lamps from Tesla.

Again chokes - Removed U shaped core sections, remained only the T ones. This reduces the inductance.

Single wire plugs.

Video - drawing huge arcs from this HV power supply :).