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Various LED and neon lamp flashing circuits

Two transistor and two LED flashing circuit schematic.

555 LED flashing circuit schematic.

Very unusual strobe LED flasher circuit.

Randomly flashing LED circuit. LED flashes randomly, imitation of flame, cold joints, burning bulb, etc.

A similar randomly flashing LED circuit. LED flashes at random intervals. Imitation of thunderstorms, Geiger counter, faulty fluorescent tube, etc.

Neon lamp flasher circuit with one and two neon lamps. Blinkers are interesting as they work without semiconductors. WARNING - Lethal voltages!

Flasher circuit with self-blinking LED. When the self-blinking LED is lit, the other two LEDs are not lit and vice versa.

Blinker with inverters or gates (NAND, NOR - if more inputs, connect them all together).