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ELEKTROX1 - 2 channel electro massage (electrostimulation) device

     For a great interest in this device I created this electromassaging device with very wide range of uses. It features two independent channels, each channel has its own intensity regulation and repetition rate regulation. The frequency can be adjusted in the range of 2 - 100Hz. Maximum output voltage is 100V. Each channel has a separate on/off switch and LED indicator. The device is powered from 9V alkaline battery, you can also use 6 AA batteries, rechargeable 8.4 V battery, two Li-ion or Li-pol or 6 - 7 rechargeable batteries 1.2 V (NiCd or NiMH). Is also possible to operate it from the AC/DC adapter 7.2 - 9V.
     The device uses the integrated circuits 555 as oscillators with frequency-control and pulse width control. As the power switches NPN transistors are used. To control the intensity and frequency, logarithmic and exponential potentiometers are used. Other types I do not recommend. Higher output voltage is obtained using miniature short-proof transformers 230V / 15V 1.6 VA. Maximum output voltage is limited to 100V using neon lamps.

     WARNING: The device can cause electric shock. Author does not take responsibility for damage caused by the construction and operation of the device. Everything you do at your own risk and responsibility.

Schematic of the 2 channel electro massage (electrostimulation) device



Completed module of the 2 channel electro massage (electrostimulation) device