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PC remote controlling with any remote controller

     This simple device allows any remote control (eg from TV, VCR, DVD, satellite, ...) to control many different functions of the computer. For example you can start and control music and video players, when you're not sitting on the computer. You can also control the movement of the mouse and its buttons, assign buttons to some function keys (or their combinations), switch windows, launch and close programs, start the screen saver or turn off the monitor and the entire computer, etc. ... There are really a lot of possibilities.
     The device consists of only four components (!), see schematic below. The integrated diode receiver has a built-in amplifier and shaping circuit. The supply voltage is limited by zener diode, a capacitor is used to filter it. All components can also be soldered directly to the connector, because infra receiving diode is quite sensitive and will receive even on the back of the cabinet. However, it is better to place it on the cable and situate it in front of the PC case.
     This device need a suitable program, such as this freeware program It is multilingual, so you can switch it from English to your language in the "File - Settings" on the "User interface" tab. In the "Language" select your desired language and click "Apply". Then you have to set the program properly. Click on the Plugins tab and here select "Igor SFH-56 device". If you can't find it, it is necessary to specify the correct path to the Plugins folder and restart the program using File - Exit (Note: don't use "X", this only minimizes the program, does not close it!) and then re-run. In the properties plugin, select the port to which the receiver is connected, in the second field leave the DSR. Then OK, OK. Now you can set the control functions (learn IR codes and assign functions). For details, see its manual.

Schematic of the PC remote controll receiver.

Assembled PC remote control receiver (without cover).

Home window of the program.

Selecting and setting Igor plugin.