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Electric insect zapper (killer) II.

     The principle of operation of the electric insect zapper is simple. Insect is attracted by the UV lamp (11W UV DZ) and killed by the voltage 2kV=. Fluorescent lamp DZ needs no starter - it is built inside. Only appropriate ballast is needed. Voltage of about 2kV = (6x amplitude of mains) is obtained in multiplier. Component values ​​in the multiplier are not critical.
     My homemade electric insect killer is much better than the insect killers sold in supermarkets with very ineffective UV incadescetn bulb and 650V= grid voltage. Electric insect zapper is placed as close as possible to ceiling.

     Warning! There's a dangerous high voltage in the grid. Grid supply is not isolated from the mains. Before handling the device you must disconnect it from the mains and discharge capacitors! Everything you do at your own risk.

schéma elektrického lapače hmyzu domácí výroby
Electric insect zapper / killer schematic

elektrický lapač hmyzu domácí výroby
Homemade electric insect zapper.

The electric insect zapper operating