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Magnetrons - Microwave plasma flame and other dangerous experiments

     On this page I describe more experiments with magnetrons. Boiling water, lighting of lamps, bulbs, neon lamps, burning CDy plasma flames ... More information can be found under each video. Below you will find pictures of both AC and DC magnetron setup and frequency measurement via wavelength.

Microwaves can cause severe burns, permanent blindness or death. Voltage of MOT 2100V 50Hz is also deadly. For people with electronic implants and supporting devices (pacemakers, insulin pump ...) can even a very weak radiation mean death. Microwaves can destroy the electronics and storage media in the area. Unshielded magnetron cause electromagnetic interference, which is illegal. This page doesn't serve as a guide! it is just a curiosity, not intended for reproduction. Therefore there I won't describe the principles of safety. In any case, never try to reproduce this experiment! If you decide despite warnings to attempt this, I do not take any responsibility of your injury or damage.

Testing uncovered magnetron from the microwave at full 700W. Magnetron light up fluorescent tubes and boil water.

How to destroy CDs and magnetron on one shot. Putting CD on the tip of the magnetron was not a good idea:)

Testing the magnetron from the microwave on the floor. Power is limited to 12W (16nF capacitor). Energy saver, linear fluorescent lamp, Neon lamp, night light, bulb 200W.

Plasma flame to the magnetron microwave, 2455MHZ, 800W. There's a copper wire on the magnetron. To ignite the flame I am using a piece of wet paper.

DC powered Magnetron. Plasma flame - Wet paper helps to ignite the flame. Then experiment with a glass of water.

Magnetron on AC power (MOT, capacitor, diode)
Magnetron on AC power (MOT, capacitor, diode)

Magnetron on AC power (MOT, capacitor, diode)

DC powered magnetron experiment
DC powered magnetron. One MOT serves as a heating transformer, connected directly to the network. The second MOT is connected to Delon doubler, 3 + 3 capacitors and current limiter of many bulbs in series. Regulated via variac.

Measuring the operating frequency of magnetron via wavelength
Measuring the operating frequency of magnetron via wavelength. Power is 400W. There are Neon lamps placed on a copper wire. The distance between shining lamps is about 12.4 cm. The calculated wavelength is 12.2 centimeters. The measured data approximately correspond with the catalog.