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SSTC I. - Solid State Tesla Coil

     This is my first SSTC - the Solid State Tesla Coil. It is the type of Tesla coil utilizing the Transistors (MOSFETs). Secondary has a length of 26 cm, diameter 8.7 cm, 0.1 mm wire, 2500 turns. Resonance frequency (with the "toroid" from cans and PET bottles wrapped with aluminum foil) is 95kHz. Primary has 14 turns of a 1mm diameter wire wound at the 16cm diameter. It is using a pair of IRF830 MOSFETs in a halfbridge topology. The IR2153 control circuit is used to drive the gates. Potentiometer is used to tune the frequency. The device is powered from the mains and is connected in series with a 1000W halogen lamp, which would limit the current in case of faults. The IR2153 integrated circuit is powered by a small separate mains adapter. Mains voltage is full-wave rectified and unfiltered. Power consumption from the mains is about 200 - 250W. Transistors are cooled by the heat sinks of the old processors (CPUs) and even after long periods of time do not heat up too much. Heat sinks have dimensions of 74 x 65 x 44 mm (each transistor has its own, insulating are not used).
     The length of the streamers is up to 10cm, discharges into grounded objects up to 12cm.

     WARNING !!! Tesla coil is extremely dangerous device! Without knowledge of the principles of working with high voltage, you should not construct it. Tesla coil is causing a broadband radio frequency interference. Electromagnetic radiation can damage electronic devices or storage media. During the operation it produces ozone (O3) and other toxic gases, must be ventilated! Everything you do at your own risk! For any injury I do not take any responsibility.

The schematic of the SSTC - Solid State Tesla Coil with MOSFET halfbridge

first start


plasma ball

the entire power supply (except for the bridge and mains filter)

the heat sinks

gate waveforms (on this scope)

Video for download you can find in videos