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Simplified stroboscope with oscillator

     This is improved and simplified version of previous stroboscope. previous stroboscope. The main change is to simplify the control circuit. The second change is the use of inductors as a current limiter instead of capacitor. It can be any fluorescent ballast for 4 - 40W fluorescent tube. Capacitor C1 should be quite resistant, can be used an AC voltage capacitor, run capacitor for motors or electrolyte for pulse operation with low ESR. The classical electrolyte's survival is very uncertain especially at higher frequencies. Capacity of C1 determines the intensity of bursts. Neon lamp should have a large ignition voltage around 150V - 200V, otherwise you must use several neon lamps in series. Neon lamp determines the voltage into ignition transformer and if it is too small, may not be enough to ignite the lamp. Resistor R1 determines the maximum frequency that can be set using potentiometer. Its value depends on the lamp and capacity C1, chosen such that the lamp was not too-hot orange :-) even after longer period with potentiometer set to maximum. The lamp should never remain lit continuously - this is sign of very high temperature and lamp may be soon destroyed. You must take into account that at the output of ignition transformer there is high voltage. A connection from the transformer to the lamp must be from all other conductive parts of at least 6 millimeters away, otherwise arcing may occur, the voltage will drop and lamp will not ignite (the current is so small that the sparks wouldn't be even visible).

     Warning! The device is galvanically connected to the mains. Before handling it, disconnect it and discharge the capacitors. Potentiometer must have a plastic shaft. The entire device must be suitably protected against touching live parts. The lamp heats up and improper mechanical design or location can cause risk of fire. For any injury I do not take responsibility - everything you do at your own risk.

schematic of Simplified stroboscope (strobe light) with oscillator