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Miniature high frequency high voltage supply

    Miniature high frequency high voltage supply allows you to light up the fluorescent tubes, neon lamps and discharge lamps wirelessly! It's a simple self-oscillating circuit with two transistors. Resistances in the bases must be bridged using capacitors due to the high frequency. Parallel to the primary winding a dual tuning capacitor around 200p is connected. You can also use a simple tuning capacitor cca 100p, connected only to the ends of the primary coil. Transformer is wound on a ferrite rod core diameter of about 8-10 mm, primary coils have five turns, secondary coil has 50 to 100 turns. Both transistors have the heatsing at least 100 cm 2. Attach 20cm long thick wire (antenna) to the output of the secondary coil and connect the circuit to the power supply of 12V voltage. Then place the antenna close to a smaller neon lamp. It should light up. Turn the tuning capacitor and tune to the highest brightness. You can also use any fluorescent lamp, neon tube or discharge lamp. If the circuit and antenna are hidden, you can then do interesting tricks. You can also turn on the light bulb "over hand" - holding bulb socket and connecting the tip to the output.

     Warning! When the circuit is turned on, do not touch uninsulated antenna! High-frequency current can cause burns. Risk of electric shock. This device is causing broadband electromagnetic interference. Author accepts no responsibility for any injury caused by this device! You do everything at your own risk.

Schematic of the miniature high frequency high voltage supply.

Added: 2003