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High voltage measuring - (kilo)Voltmeter up to 80kV

     Sometimes it is necessary not only to produce a high voltage, but also measure it. Voltage can be estimated from the length of the discharge, but it is not very accurate. For a more accurate measurement of high voltage you need a measuring instruments. It is made of high ohm resistor able to withstand the required voltage and a analog meter. Ready high voltage resistors are not easy to find, so I had to make my from the available components. I used dial gauge with a sensitivity 200uA. Max voltage that I need to measure is about 80kV. That's why I chose resistance 400M. I bought a larger amount of resistors 3M3 / 0,6 W. The maximum continuous voltage is 350V and 700V surge. The measured resistance is 3M25. I joined 123 pcs of those resistors in series. Thus, the resistance should be made permanently withstand 43kV and 86kV short. Original scale was inappropriate (it would have to be recalculated) so I took a picture of it, edited and printed. The scale printed in 1:1 scale I glued into the meter. All resistors connected in series I put into plastic tube. Then I rolled the tube into a spiral and put into novodur pipe. HV input I provided with the HV cable. High voltage resistance is simply connected in series with the meter, resulting in a high-voltage voltmeter (kilovoltmeter).

     Warning! Working with high voltage is dangerous. Everything you do at your own risk and responsibility.

3M3 resistors


the entire chain

chain of resistors in hose and coiled into novodur pipe.

The pipe from outside

old scale

new scale

49kV :)

PNG file with scale (left click to enlarge or right click to save)