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Audio modulated microwave magnetron

     Another of my experiments with magnetrons is audio modulated microwave magnetron. Magnetron plasma flame plays audio and works as a speaker, like the audio Tesla transformer. This experiment is extremely dangerous and therefore no one should do this. I found no mention that this device was already constructed, so I had to develop the schematic below. MOT with doubler and filtration serves as a source of high voltae around 6kV DC. Magnetron 2M172AH (850W) is modlulated by power tube GU-81M. The tube is driven into cathode using MOSFET. Gate is fed with udio signal. Grids g1 and g2 are positive 60V bias. Total power input of device is about 2200W. The device is divided into two parts - a modulation and output (ie dangerous) part, see photos. This device has no practical use :).

Microwaves can cause severe burns, permanent blindness or death. Voltage of MOT 2100V 50Hz is also deadly. For people with electronic implants and supporting devices (pacemakers, insulin pump ...) can even a very weak radiation mean death. Capacitors can stay charged to deadly voltage even after turning off. Microwaves can destroy the electronics and storage media in the area. Unshielded magnetron cause electromagnetic interference, which is illegal. This page doesn't serve as a guide! it is just a curiosity, not intended for reproduction. Therefore there I won't describe the principles of safety. In any case, never try to reproduce this experiment! If you decide despite warnings to attempt this, I do not take any responsibility of your injury or damage.

Schematic of audio modulated microwave magnetron.

Audio modulated microwave magnetron

Modulator with GU81.

Audio modulated microwave magnetron - better tuned.

Audio modulated microwave magnetron - poorly tuned.

Added: 7. 11. 2011