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Switched 40kV 1500W High voltage supply with IGBT and 2 LOPT's

    This high voltage power supply uses a Half Bridge with IGBTs from previous supply 4kV~ 2000W. Two high voltage transformers from black and white TV sets are connected to it, with secondaries against each other. Original primaries of these transformers are removed and replaced with 27 turns of RF cable of 1mm diameter. Instead, triple wire of diameter of about 0.4 to 0.5 mm can be used. The transformers do not need no current limiting, because primaries are placed on the opposite side of the core than secondaries and thus there's a high leakage inductance. The power of each transformer is limited to about 750VA. The secondaries are oversized, The get only slightly warm. Operating frequency is about 20 to 25 kHz. With the number of primary turns may be slightly experimented, but should not be less than about 24 turns.

    Warning! Entire circuit including the driver and its output is electrically connected to the mains. Output voltage 40kV is fatal to humans! When drawing arcs, toxic gases are created. Arcs makes a very bright light with ultraviolet components, which may damage eyesight. Everything you do and only at your own risk. Author does not take any responsibility for any harm of health, life or property.

Switched 40kV 1500W High voltage supply with IGBT and 2 LOPT's - schematic.

Arc - animated GIF

Jacob's ladder - shot with long shutter.

Ještě jednou

Jacob's ladder - shot with short shutter. The arc is up to 15cm long.

Plasma after the arc disappears.

Plasma above the arc

plasma again

Video - arcs :)

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