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     Here is described a simple stroboscope (strobe light) with external triggering, which is suitable as photo flash, the adjustment of combustion engines, and also as a disco light effect.
     The principle of operation is simple. The rectified voltage from the isolation transformer charges capacitors C1 and C2. Thyristor switches voltage from C2 to the ignition transformer, which creates a high voltage spike that ignites the xenon flash tube. C1 affects the flash intensity and its capacity is selected according to desired frequency. If the frequency is very small (eg as photo flash), you can connect highest capacity capacitors for the xenon lamp (about 470uF to 680uF). Up to 10Hz is suitable capacitor of about 100uF. If used to adjust engine recommended capacity is about 2.2 uF and for the highest frequency of several hundred Hz about 1uF. The trigger pulses are obtained via appropriate shaping circuitry from ignition coils. If you need ordinary strobe, add a simple oscillator or use this strobe light with oscillator.

     Warning! There's a dangerous voltage in this circuit. The capacitors may remain charged to dangerous voltage even after circuit is disconnected from mains. Flashes of light may cause health problems or seizure in some people.

The schematic of the strobe light.

Added: 2002