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Stroboscope with oscillator

     This enhanced version of previous stroboscope. I added the oscillator with the neon lamp and therefore it operates independently, without external trigger source. I also removed the isolation transformer, which is not needed when there's no external trigger input and the entire device has appropriate encapsulation. Instead of the current limiting resistance to limit the charging current is used capacitor.
     Blink rate is set by a potentiometer, through it (a 470K resistor) 220n capacitor is charged to the ignition voltage of neon lamp. After the neon lamp ignites, it opens thyristor, HV pulse from the transformer ignites the xenon lapm. Everything is repeated. The speed can be regulate in a fairly wide range. It is not recommended to use a larger capacitor than 56u, otherwise the lamp may be overheating. It is advisable to use a more robust capacitor.
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     Warning! There's a dangerous voltage in this circuit. The potenciometer must have plastic shaft. The capacitors may remain charged to dangerous voltage even after circuit is disconnected from mains. Flashes of light may cause health problems or seizure in some people.

The schematic of the strobe light with oscillator.

Added: 2003
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