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80kV supply with TV transformer and multiplier

     This high voltage power supply consists of a high voltage transformer from an old B&W television and Villard multiplier. Transformer is energized with any MOSFET halfbridge and gives 20kV voltage with frequency about 20kHz. Primary is rewound to about 30 turns wound triple by wire diameter 0.5 mm. The Half Bridge Circuit can be used the same as in my induction heating. When using IGBT halfbridge, two transformers and capacitors of larger capacity you can get even higher power. In this case put primaries of the two transformers in series (15 turns each) and secondaries in parallel.
     The multiplier consists of two capacitors 500pF 60kV, one 30kV 1n and four HV diodes. Capacitors are made ​​from rolled aluminum foil and plastic. Each of the diodes is composed of sixty BA159 in series. They are then pulled through the rubber tubing wrapped around a ruler :) which serves as a supporting structure.
     With no load the supply produces up to 100kV. The sparks ingite at about 15 - 20cm. Due to high current, you can draw the arc up to 35 cm long. Because the capacitors in multiplier, discharges are quite noisy. (Capacitors are discharged in pulses, the current does not flow continuously). Withno load you can feel electric wind at distance up to 75cm and elektrostatic forces are moving light objects and wires.

     Warning! This high voltage power supply is very dangerous. The output voltage can be lethal and reachs distances up to several tens of cm. Electrostatic forces can move with wires. Capacitors remain charged even after a long time being turned off. This HV supply can damage nearby electronic devices and storage media. Arcs generate ozone and are extremely noisy. Author does not take any responsibility for any of your harm. All you're doing at your own risk.

The schematic of the 80kV multiplier high voltage power supply.


35cm (more than 1 foot) arc.

55cm long hose with reduced pressure acting as a neon tube.

200 pcs of BA159 diodes (finally 240 of them were used).

60 diodes in series forming one HV diode.

Diodes in a hose.

The entire multiplier. (1n 30kV capacitor is not visible because it is located at the high voltage transformer.)

You can download the arcs videos in the videos.