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Reverse engineered schematics

     Here I will continuously add various reverse engineered schematics of mass-produced devices, scanned schematics of equipment that I have in paper form, or schematics sent to me by kind visitors.

Schematic of TZ11 ignitor for sodium / metal halide lamps
Schematic of TZ10 ignitor for sodium / metal halide lamps
Schematic of Professor 700W Microwave oven
Schematic of very simple unknown Microwave oven
Schematic of LogoStar 500W Microwave oven
Schematic of 1990's 3-transistor CB Walkie Talkie
Schematic of CosmoPower Z400M (S400W) ignitor for sodium / metal halide lamps
Schematic of 10W electronic ballast flurescent tube fixture
Schematic of 12/230V 50Hz 150VA inverter (partial)
Schematic of T5 24W electronic ballast flurescent tube fixture
Schematic of triac softstart with U2008B (as used in an angle grinder)
Schematic of 12V 1A switching power supply without optocoupler
Schematic of 12V 150W electronic halogen transformer
Schematic of POE (Power Over Ethernet) adapter POE-48PB (48V 0.4A)
Schematic of switching power supply NL120P050PGS (12V, 500mA)
Schematic of switching power supply RQT666K (12V, 500mA)
Schematic of Polish 1980's Roksana R601 radio receiver
Schematic of WS-618 stun gun with flashlight (partial)
Schematic of SN1 mains voltage tester (with phase sequence test)
Schematic of utterly useless Chinese USB charger
Schematic of 433MHz wireless modules FS1000A XD-FST and XY-MK-5V
Schematic of two 3W LED light bulbs - a proper one and a Chinese one
Schematic of 100kHz TTL crystal oscillator with MH 7400
Schematic of dangerous Chinese USB charger (fake Apple)
Schematic of Electroluminescent (EL) panel / wire inverter with 2x AA battery (3V)
Schematic of Cheapest Chinese USB Powerbank
Schematic of FuelShark car fuel saver / economizer. Can this really work? You be the judge.
Schematic of a Very Dangerous Chinese 5V 1A Cube USB Charger.
90 Amp car Alternator (Skoda Felicia 1.3 MPi)
Dangerous Li-Ion charger for 18650 (and AA) cells
Powerfull 11 Cree LED torch
Car USB charger (12-24V / 5V 1A)
Samsung USB charger (5V 1A)
2.4V NiCd Cordless Screwdriver from 1997
18650 Li-Ion charger with no chip
Simple yet safe 5V switching power supply
Deadly dangerous solar camping lantern with a fan and PowerBank
24V 4A 100W switching power supply XK-2412DC
Electric dog anti-bark (bark control) collar
3-LED Breathalyzer (breath alcohol tester)
12V 5A 60W switching power supply (LH-1205)
RGB LED disco party light
Stun Gun module from China
12V 10A 120W industrial switching power supply
24V 10A 240W industrial switching power supply
5V 10A 50W industrial switching power supply