Ceska verze

My virtual technical museum

TV set TESLA 4202A Akvarel 
TV set 4257U Javorina 
Radio receiver Tesla 521A Popular 
Radio receiver TESLA 326A Tosca 
Very old analog voltmeter 
Historic PC 
PC with Windows 95 connected to internet
Schematics of various tube TV sets (9) 
Elektronic tuning indicator (magic eye) 
My collection of vacuum tubes 
Oscilographic tube 13LO3I (russian/soviet) vintage 1967 
Dosimeter (radiometer) RBGT-62a  
Dosimeter EDOS 
Radiometer IT-65  
Beta-gama Indicator IBG58T  
Orthochromdesky (fotographic negatives) from 1930's
My collection of X-ray tubes
Variac (regulation autotransformer) Krizik 0-250V 10A
Russian/soviet transmitter high power pentodes GU-81M
Mercury (Hg) switches (tilt sensors)
Mercury relay
Reference cell MUIRHEAD D-845-C
Old electronic parts
Old barometers (weather stations)
Antique thermometers
Vintage digital clocks
Nixie voltmeter Meratronik V541
Nixie digital frequency meter PFL-23
Laboratory power supply "Power supply 2"
Vintage Zlatokov electric Christmas lights
Soviet portable scope C1-118
M1T-242 nixie bench multimeter